“Welcome to the World of Gagan Toor Dal!”

The finest and purest form of your very favorite pulses

Jain Traders and Padam International together bring to you “Gagan Toor Dal” – the finest and purest form of your very favorite pulses. This relishing and sweet tasting toor dal is brought to you from the land of Karnataka, which is well known for the production of optimum quality of toor dal. Since 1999, Gagan Toor Dal is enriching families from different states of India like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, with its goodness and taste. Gagan toor dal is hand-picked and finely processed to ensure the best quality dal for our consumers.

What’s on your menu today?

Gagan toor dal is a product of Padam International and is successfully marketed by Jain Traders, a renowned name in the field of Pulses, Rices and other cereals. It was first introduced in Indian market in 1999. Since then, this enriching toor has been loved by the consumers for its high quality, sweet taste and great aroma and has become popular in different states of the India like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. We bring to you the best quality dal from Karnataka, which has its own unique taste.

Is it your favorite Dal Fry or delicious Daal bati? Or is it the flavory Dal Dhokli or the richful Sambhar? Gagan toor dal gratifies every Indian Dish with its wholesomeness, unique flavor and mouth watering aroma.

Why Choose Gagan Toor Dal?

Gagan Toor Dal is finely processed and cleaned without using any oil or other chemicals. This preserves the natural form and wholesomeness of toor dal. Gagan toor daal does not undergo any harsh polishing method to maintain its shine. It is absolutely pure and served in its best forms.

Gagan toor daal is cleaned using cutting edge Sortex Machine. This ensures sorting of the best quality grains and removes all the undesired impurities and discolored grains. Hence our packaged end product requires no cleaning home.

Gagan toor Dal is especially brought to you from Karnataka. This optimum quality toor cooks quickly and helps you prepare your favorite and delicious dishes in no time.

As we thrive for excellence, every grain of Gagan toor Dal is precisely hand-picked and finely processed, to maintain its richness, unique taste and pleasant aroma. This aromatic sweet tasting and highly nutritious dal is available to you at very nominal price.

Nutrient Amount
Energy 1,425 KJ (341 Kcal)
Carbohydrates 65g
Dietary Fiber 28g
Protein 27g
Fat 1g
Sugars 8g
Thiamine (B1) 0.7 mg (61%)
Pantothenic acid (B5) 1.65mg (34%)
Folate (B9) 270μg
Trance Metals
Iron 4 mg (31%)